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About the Company
Founded in 2002 by Paul Thelen, this company that employs more than five hundred people is a provider of internet media software and games services. Located in Seattle Washington, Big Fish games has various lines of business which includes free online browser games, downloadable casual games, game licensing and previously there has been the invention of a social networking platform where casual players of the games can express and share their opinion and info about the game.

service Delivery
Big fish serves quite a wide range of clientele base and boasts of a product distribution for over 500 developers of over 2500 casual downloadable games. In fact word has it that the company facilities a close estimate of over 1,500,000 downloads in a single day.
Pretty good for a media software company but the question is how free is the try-before-you-buy marketing model that lets you try out a game for 60 minutes before purchase? Well, according to most gamers who purchase from big fish games, these 60 minutes has the ultimate power to either provoke purchase because you want to keep playing the game or frustration which relents from a cool 60 minutes of precious time wasted.
So in essence, the trial is pretty timely and beneficial as it helps easily identify a prospective product while ruling out time waisters. But wait a minute, is it not that today people find solace in time waisters rather for the very essence of helping kill/waste time every now and then?

pros and Cons
Let’s face it every invention has its ups and downs and that goes without saying that while the Big Fish Games Company rise to popularity by day, it is neither exempted from criticism. Users who have purchased and downloaded the big fish games from their online stores have a lot to say good and bad. The satisfied clientele regard this site as reliable and safe for download with no malware threats, the company is also according to satisfied customers prompt with communication feedback through email and with a commendable customer service base. Many clients also derive benefits from the try-before-you-buy model which they say helps with making their purchase decision.
As it is to be expected, the company is not exempted from criticism from clients who rate their customer service as below average, others who’ve been victims of ghost credit card charges from the company without their knowledge and others who claim that the games they purchased with their hard earned money do not work at all.

Big Fish Games has a game club subscription platform which you can opt to activate upon purchase of a full version game. This subscription is billed on a monthly basis and can be canceled at any time. Don’t we all love to tie knots we can easily untie or follow routes we can easily abandon?

I guess the benefits and cons here fall at a tie but as we all know that every company strives to exceeds its client’s expectations, let’s hope Big Fish dissects this issue as a matter of urgency. With an already established reputation and brand awareness, I believe the icing on the cake would be to work on delivering above average, in fact excellent service delivery. Overall it’s a great concept, reliable resources, commendable client base, manageable sales volume, keep up the positive strides.

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